Natural Freshwater Pearl Beads

Natural Freshwater Pearl Beads

Our pearl beads – cultured natural freshwater pearl beads to be precise – are perfect for any craft or jewellery need. As one of the UK's most respected cultured freshwater pearl suppliers, we have a stunning selection of high-quality button and teardrop pearl beads for earrings, as well as Rice, Rondelle, Baroque and Potato / Round beads in a variety of sizes and string lengths to help you create amazing, unique pieces – whether you're buying for your personal projects or need to buy in bulk using our wholesale service.

We also sell semi-precious gemstone beads - explore our range.

Pearl beads for crafts

Whether you want to craft classic pearl accessories or add a touch of vintage sophistication to a costume or decorative project – perhaps for a bridal bouquet or a unique ornamental piece – our range of natural freshwater pearls come in a range of colours and shapes to give you exactly what you need. From round, rainbow silver beads to pink bead nuggets, you’ll find great value and great quality every time you browse our ever-growing collection.

While mainly used as jewellery making beads, our natural pearls can easily be glued too, making them a good choice for those who want to add glitz and glamour to an outfit, bring a tapestry to life or add a unique and subtle charm to a creative collage.

Pearl beads for jewellery making

When it comes to jewellery making, most of our freshwater pearl beads come ready-holed in various strand lengths (ideal for keeping your craft box stocked up), making them easy to thread and therefore perfect for jewellery making. We also sell half-drilled pearls in pairs for earrings, and you can find Germany Made 100% natural silk Griffin beading cord in 21 colours and 13 sizes to string your pearls.

Did you know…

Pearls are a June birthstone, and are seen as a symbol of health, faith and innocence. Once cherished by the ancient Arabians as ‘Tears of the Gods, water pearl beads remain a timeless choice for all kinds of craft and jewellery projects.

Freshwater pearl beads – wholesale discounts

We’re also leading supplier in the pearl beads wholesale UK market, offering bulk purchase discounts that could save you up to 60% on our retail pricing. Find out more about our freshwater pearl wholesale supply.

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